Wheels 75mm Black or White Lock – Brakeboard
Wheels 75mm Black or White Lock

Wheels 75mm Black or White Lock

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BRAKEBOARD 2015 Generation Lock Wheels

The Brakeboard "lock" wheels are purposely designed to fit the Brakeboard Brake hubs.

BLACK and WHITE. 75mm 83a. Nylon Core.

These guys will save you a lot of time and effort to fitting your regular wheels. They have a notched core that locks the brake drums in firmly and with ease.

The wheels can be used as regular wheels on standard trucks. They fit standard 608 skateboard bearings and have a standard bearing spacing.

These are high grade urenthane and feature a stone ground contact surface. 75mm diametre, 83A hardness for fast downhill riding.

Please contact me direct at ben@brakeboard.com for more information, if you need any other parts or if you have a setup issue and want help. 

** There is an $35USD tracked and insured international shipping charge for this product (outside of Australia). Shipping takes 5-7 working days. Please check your country's import taxes. We do not currently ship to Eastern Europe or Brazil due to shipping costs.

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