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Brakeboard Pty Ltd

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Brakeboard trucks have been built for performance superior to any other skateboard brake system. They allow for powerful and controllable stopping and smooth speed control down steep descents.

We have used tried and true materials for top quality skateboard trucks; gravity cast aluminium for the hangers and bases; stainless steel axles for corrosion prevention; polyurethane bushes for great carving response; high tensile kingpins for great strength.

The brake components are made from CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel, plus special purpose brake compounds as used in current motor vehicle brake systems.

The brake consists of two independent disc rotors. An outer alumimun rotor is lined with friction material. An inner rotor is made from stainless steel. A pair of spring loaded levers push the inner cone members into the brake linings. These stainless steel levers are balanced with a unique linkage that connects through the skateboard deck. The brake design allows for full mobility and turning of a regular truck.

On top of the deck is a brake pedal that is foot operated. Brake power is controlled by body weight applied to the pedal. The pedal sits on a urethane bushing that regulates the down force for smooth application.

The brake drums are designed to fit a large variety of longboard wheels. A small modification is required to secure the hub to the wheel. This assembly is easily achieved. Instructions and tools are provided in the boxsets.  Alternatively, specially designed cored Brakeboard wheels, with the custom 'Lock Hub' are available for ease of fitting.

All parts are long-wearing and brake linings are readily replaceable. 

The trucks are 190mm wide between inner wheel bearing and sit at a 45 degree angle for a good range between stability and carving.

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